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Dissertation autism education

Dissertation autism education

dissertation autism education

Once you place your Dissertation Autism Education order, our writer will start working on your paper. However, the cost of Dissertation Autism Education your essay can vary depending upon the academic level, the number of required pages, and the deadline/10() Educating Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through the ASD Class Model: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Experiences of ASD Class Teachers and Principals in Irish Primary Schools Patrick McCormack MSc, BA, HDE Thesis Submitted for the Award of the Degree of Doctor of Education. Institute of Education Dublin City University education peers as opposed to being taught in segregated special education classes (Manning & Butcher, ). Within this widely varied group of students with exceptional needs, the smaller subset of students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) has proven to be one of the most rapidly growing (Loiacono & Valenti, )

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Following recent federal legislation and related policy changes, co-teaching evolved rapidly as a strategy to provide students with disabilities access to the same curriculum as students without disabilities while receiving instruction in the least restrictive environment.

It is unclear if co-teaching is an dissertation autism education instructional strategy for educating students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Data were collected from 3 school districts representing 10 comprehensive high schools; test results from the spring Smarter Balanced assessments of 11th-grade students with disabilities from co-taught and traditional classrooms in English and mathematics were compared using an independent samples t test.

There is a statistically significant difference in the academic achievement of students in English. While performing lower than students with disabilities in traditional classrooms, students with disabilities in co-taught classrooms received access to the grade-level curriculum in the least restrictive environment.

No statistically significant difference in the academic achievement of students in mathematics was noted, suggesting students with disabilities are performing similarly in mathematics regardless of instructional setting. It is recommended additional research focuses on the academic achievement of students with disabilities in multiple settings, traditional, co-taught, and special education classrooms, to identify potential variations in achievement related to instructional setting.

Health Sciences Centre, dissertation autism education, Full text Add to bibliography APA, Harvard, Vancouver, ISO, and other styles Abstract: The purpose of this phenomenological study is to understand and describe the inclusive education practices for students with disabilities in secondary schools in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, ensuring all children with disabilities attend schools especially mainstream classrooms is a priority, rather than ensuring the quality of instruction.

An underlying belief in Bangladesh is that if quantity can be achieved, then quality will increase. Many theorists have taken different angles on the conceptualisation surrounding disability and education. This dissertation autism education is underpinned by the social constructivist view of disability that has developed from the works of Lev Vygotsky — The underlying premise is that teachers are all experts in different ways, and that their different experiences and understandings are of value.

On the basis of socio-cultural theory, a conceptual framework has been developed to understand inclusive practices which are viewed from two levels: the Macro and Micro levels. This study intends to answer the main research question: How do teachers in secondary schools in Bangladesh understand inclusion?

In this connection, understanding is seen as an inseparable and interconnected outcome of practices, attitudes and beliefs, dissertation autism education, and knowledge of teachers. The research used a phenomenological research design consisting of participant interviews and observations. An additional questionnaire was used to measure teacher attitudes and understanding of teaching strategies.

A total of 12 interviews two for each participant classroom teacher and 12 observations two of each participant were conducted.

This thesis consists of four chapters. Chapter 1 is an introductory chapter based on an extensive review of the literature. Chapter 2 describes the study methodologies, chapter 3 presents the analysis and significant findings and chapter 4 contains the discussion, draws recommendations and explores the implications of the findings.

The study explores valuable information to identify the existing inclusive practice at the secondary level in Bangladesh. Respondents stated the need for and potential benefits of inclusive education practice, dissertation autism education, because inclusive education was supporting collaboration among students with and without disabilities and fostering academic achievements, dissertation autism education.

Teachers encountered enormous challenges in practicing inclusive education due to their inadequate knowledge and limited professional development scopes. The barriers for teachers within inclusive dissertation autism education practice are likely dissertation autism education result of their beliefs and experiences in relation to students with disabilities and professional support.

Positive attitudes toward appropriate teaching and learning for students with disabilities could improve the situation. Unfamiliarity with local disability legalisation of teachers is likely to limit the dissertation autism education for students with disabilities to gain access to what is rightfully theirs. Teachers identified that success within their practice is largely depending on their strategies for managing large class sizes and coping with excessive class load.

Modification of existing assessment and evaluation system was also revealed as an option to better embrace inclusive education. Participants found that student-centric evidence-based teaching and learning strategies are dissertation autism education effective than their traditional lecture-based teaching and learning practices in supporting inclusive education. In such a situation, empowering teachers in the classroom may be helpful in order to construct inclusive pedagogy.

Finally, the findings of the research will support policy makers and other researchers learn about the constraints, opportunities and choices for possible future changes in inclusive education policy and practice in developing countries such as Bangladesh. Moreover, the research will contribute to wider national and international debates around inclusive education. Full text Add to bibliography APA, Harvard, Vancouver, ISO, and other styles 37 Lee, Mo-ling, and 李慕玲. Full text Add to bibliography APA, Harvard, Vancouver, ISO, and other styles 38 Tso, Shu-fai, and 曹樹輝, dissertation autism education.

Full text Add to bibliography APA, Harvard, Vancouver, ISO, and other styles 39 Ande, dissertation autism education, Meseret Kifle. Full text Dissertation autism education to bibliography APA, Harvard, Vancouver, ISO, and other styles 40 Ande, Meseret Kifle.

Full text Add to bibliography APA, Harvard, Vancouver, ISO, and other styles Abstract: Magister Legum - LLM This study seeks to assess the extent to which national laws ensure that CWDs are accessing the right to education on an equal basis with non-disabled children.

The study also seeks to assess the policy, legislative and administrative gaps surrounding the exercise of this right. The study process involved review of the policy and legal framework on education for CWDs vis-à-vis international human rights standards and norms. To this end, this study attempts to raise and discuss the following research questions:- What dissertation autism education the international standards on the right to education of CWDs?

To assess the extent to which national laws on education for CWDs comply with international human rights standards and norms, the research will address other related sub-questions such as:- Are there detailed and sufficient laws that facilitate the effective exercise of the right to education of CWDs?

What are the challenges as well as the opportunities in upholding the education rights of CWDs in Ethiopia? Full text Add to bibliography APA, Harvard, Vancouver, ISO, and other styles 42 Ritzema, Anne Marie.

Full text Add to bibliography APA, Harvard, dissertation autism education, Vancouver, ISO, and other styles Abstract: Stress levels of parents whose children have developmental disabilities DD are significantly higher than those of parents with typically developing children. However, few studies have looked at the effects of child characteristics on parent stress over time. The aim of the present study is to assess whether changes in child behaviour problems or adaptive functioning affect parent stress.

Families participated in two rounds of data collection, approximately two and a half years apart. Néanmoins, peu de recherches ont été menées sur les effets des variables chez les enfants sur le stress qu'éprouvent les parents à la longue. Le but de cette étude est d'évaluer l'impact des changements dans les comportements adaptatifs et problématiques de l'enfant sur le niveau de stress parental. Les familles en question ont participé à deux enquêtes à deux années et demi de différence.

Full text Add to bibliography APA, Harvard, Vancouver, ISO, and other styles Abstract: Thesis M, dissertation autism education. Psychology --University of Limpopo, This study explored the phenomenological experiences of mothers of children with mental retardation in two special schools i. Fulufhelo and Pfunanani, dissertation autism education. The former is in Vhembe while the later is situated in Mopani district dissertation autism education Limpopo province.

A qualitative approach was followed and participants were selected using purposive sampling. The sample consisted of 24 members 12 for individual interviews and 12 for focus group whose children were diagnosed with mental retardation at the time of the study. Data were collected through unstructured interviews and analysed using interpretative phenomenological analysis.

The present study discovered that all families with mentally retarded children are directly or indirectly affected by this condition. Full text Add to bibliography APA, Harvard, Vancouver, ISO, and other styles 45 Carter, David E. Evidence from the United States suggests that classification decisions are often made on the basis of idiosyncratic student behaviours and the subjective opinions of educators, not on the basis of empirical evidence, dissertation autism education.

Although Canadian special education practice is often based on that of the U. In addition, dissertation autism education, variables that might influence the use of these criteria were identified.

An evaluation of IQ, adaptive behaviour, reading and arithmetic achievement, maladaption, and visual and hearing acuity was performed for each subject. Preliminary data analyses permitted the formation of an achievement composite score and the pooling of subjects from the two districts.

Using an internationally accepted two-factor diagnostic model, analyses were performed to investigate the classification accuracy for the sample. Cut-off criteria used with the two-factor model were adjusted to those of both the American Association for Mental Deficiency and the draft B. Special Education Guidelines. Where subjects could not be confirmed by the application of these models, sources of classification error were identified.

Next, a series of discriminant function analyses, each representing a historical step in the development of diagnostic and classification models, were performed and the classification accuracy of each examined. Finally, a dissertation autism education model of all measured variables was examined using both a dissertation autism education discriminant function procedure and a step-wise technique, dissertation autism education.

The findings suggested that a combination of the adaptive behaviour, IQ, and achievement variables provided the highest classification accuracy. This result is consistent with much of the research from the U. IQ scores were found to consistently dominate classification decisions. In addition, academic achievement proved to be a valid predictor, either in combination with social adaptation or maladaption.

However, dissertation autism education, maladaptive behaviour, whenever entered with social adaptation, overwhelmed the latter as a descriminator of group membership, dissertation autism education. The highest classification rate for the total sample was Although visual and hearing acuity were not found to be related to group membership, it was discovered that testing for these variables was not occurring in the districts studied in accordance with accepted best practice.

In cases of untestability, the assumption that the child can see and hear within normal tolerances appears to be made, and efforts to use alternative testing procedures are dissertation autism education pursued. In addition, visual and hearing testing appears to occur after the administration of standardized cognitive tests, and not before, as best practices would dictate.

Education, Faculty of Educational and Counselling Psychology, dissertation autism education, and Special Education ECPSDepartment of Graduate 46 Holyfield, Cashea. Full text Add to bibliography APA, Harvard, dissertation autism education, Vancouver, ISO, and other styles Abstract: Many students in secondary schools are increasingly impacted by chronic absenteeism. The current study utilized a sample of 1, chronically dissertation autism education SWDs across eight states in the U.

to examine demographic predictors of reasons for chronic absenteeism among SWDs. Results indicated that SWDs reported missing school for health-related reasons most frequently, followed by family and transportation reasons. Specifically, students who were lower SES significantly predicted Barriers, Disengagement, and Transportation reasons for chronic absenteeism.

Implications for research and practice are discussed. Full text Add to bibliography APA, Harvard, Vancouver, ISO, and other styles 48 Hodge, Jennifer Faison. Full text Add to bibliography APA, Harvard, dissertation autism education, Vancouver, ISO, dissertation autism education, and other styles 49 Bentley-Williams, Robyn. Full text Add to bibliography APA, Harvard, Vancouver, ISO, and other styles Abstract: Doctor of Philosophy The current study explored the formative processes of twelve student teachers constructing role understandings in the context of their experiences and interactions with people with disabilities.

The research aimed to investigate personal and professional forms of knowledge linked with the prior subjective life experiences of the student teachers and those arising from their interactions in situated learning experiences in community settings.

ii Two groups participated in the current study, each consisted of six student teachers in the Bachelor of Education Course at the Bathurst campus of Charles Sturt University, dissertation autism education.

Group One participants were in the second year compulsory inclusive education subject and Group Two participants were in the third year elective early intervention subject.

2012 Autism Lecture By Deborah E. Schadler, PhD

, time: 59:12

Autism and Education, Sample of Dissertations

dissertation autism education

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